Value Added

Jordan-Blanchard’s “operator first” perspective utilizes the Management Team’s collective expertise to assist in the establishment of a strategy for organizational development, building processes and monitoring the execution to increase the likelihood of business success. The team also assists in building company value by working with company management on the recruitment and retention of key managers.

Manufacturing is Jordan-Blanchard’s strength. The Management Team has more than 20 years of experience implementing Lean production systems across a variety of industries and companies. This experience has proven that a successfully implemented Lean system delivers improved quality, reduced lead times and substantial reductions in costs within any organization. The team recognizes every company has unique challenges and opportunities and tailors an implementation approach that unlocks maximum value without placing an unnecessary burden on the company.

Partnership Role

One or more members of Jordan-Blanchard’s Management Team will serve on the Board of Directors of the company. Depending upon the specific long and short-term demands, whether strategic, organizational, operational or financial is needed, Jordan-Blanchard is available to advise management during each step of the decision making process.

A prerequisite to a successful partnership is a solid bottom-up understanding of the company. Once familiar with the company’s foundation, team, processes and operations Jordan-Blanchard works directly with the company’s management team to develop a Lean enterprise.