Business Owners

Before investing in a potential company, Jordan-Blanchard’s highest priority is to understand the company’s culture to ensure a long-term, successful partnership between the organizations. Establishing a relationship with the owner and managers is an integral part of the due diligence process. Ultimately, the goal of the partnership is to build upon the past success of the company and increase value for all stakeholders.

An owner that has concern for the future of its company, employees and customers is a key credential that Jordan-Blanchard seeks in a potential investment. Given the regard that Jordan-Blanchard as potential buyers and the owner have for these stakeholders, we believe that the owners will find Jordan-Blanchard to be the partner of choice for a transaction.

Jordan-Blanchard specializes in the following:

    • Family and closely-held companies
    • Companies with on-going participation by current owners and managers
    • Situations with extreme needs for confidentiality
    • Opportunities where cultural fit is of paramount importance in the company’s success